Event Opportunities 

Connect Members with your Brand!

Promo Opportunities 

Do you have an exclusive promotion or opportunity for our WAB attendees? The Promo Opportunity Table is your way to promote your business to many. 
Promote an exclusive event, special offer, merchandise or promotion for WAB members in a format attendees can take away with them following the event.


  • Send your promo opportunity information to info@womenandbusiness.co.nz by 11am the Friday before the event. This includes your logo in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Also send through a short blurb that you would like read out (30 words max).
  • We will include the promo opportunity in the event presentation and read out your offer.
  • Bring along something to accompany your offer on the night and put this on the table for attendees to take away with them.
  • You are required to be there on the evening and to maximise your promotion it is encouraged to be by the Promo Opportunity Table following the presentations to chat to interested attendees.

    If you would like more information regarding the Promo Opportunity Table – please contact us. 

    Spot Prizes 

    Another great way to showcase your business and gain brand recognition is through donating a spot prize for our events. We will feature your company brand on the big screen in front of all the Women and Business attendees. Spot prizes can be anything from a product you sell to a drink bottle, bottle of wine, a flower arrangement or even a great novel to read etc. 

    If you are able to donate a Spot Prize we ask that all information is to us by 11am the Friday before the event, this way we can ensure that we maximise your profile and kind donation.

    Unfortunately, if we have not received your information by then we will be unable to add this to the event presentation to showcase your business on the big screen. 

    If you would like more information regarding spot prizes – please contact us.